Advanced Tactical Training

17 June - 5 July 2019

Instructor: Leo Prinsloo / Francois Smit

Basic and Tactical Firearm Course


The Edge Shooting Institute (TESI) introduces the services of a competent training institution which will ensure that you receive the best training on the market available.


The training consists of a complete course which includes all the aspects that are required to become a competent tactical firearm arm operator.


These include:
• Marksmanship
• Tactical Weapons Training
• Operations in a Urban environment
• Operations in a Bush environment
• Medical First Aid training, especially in a hostile environment
• Operations involving helicopters
• Survival & Mindset
• Physical Fitness
• Sniper

The duration of the course is estimated to be 18 calendar days, starting on 17 June 2019 and finishing on 5 July 2019

Total price for whole course: $ 3978


Why The Edge Shooting Institute


The Edge employs a number of instructors whom have worked in various institutions and environments.

The chief instructor, Leo Prinsloo, was a member of the Elite Counter-Terrorism police unit, The Police Special Task Force for 12 years.

During this period Leo served as instructor of this renowned law enforcement unit and was involved in countless high risk operations in South Africa.


Morne Rossouw is the lead instructor in the medical field and has trained numerous EMS personnel when it comes to hostile tactical environments.

Morne has worked in hostile environments which includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia and Somalia to name a few.

Morne will transfer his knowledge and experience gained to the students


The Edge also employs instructor Francois Smit, whom are accredited with the International Training Academy (ITA) instructors who will assist with the marksmanship, tactical advance driving and physical fitness training.

ATT - Firearm Training