ATT - Firearm Training

Firearm Training

Anybody can fire a firearm. Not everybody can fire a firearm fast and effective, while being subject to the body-alarm reaction, which influences every human being in a critical incident.

What ends a fight when you have a firearm in hand? Shots on target or put differently; “Shot Placement”.

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What we teach is based on the training and operation experience of Leo Prinsloo’s South African Police Special Task Force experience.

This is an important point to consider! The training is battle proven. It is not a YouTube idea etc. It is what this special paramilitary unit used in the daily execution of their tasks.

What does this mean in practise? It means that there is no attitude of ego. It means you apply what works in the real world to win gunfights.

ATT - Firearm Training

Our focus is on shot placement.

It does look good on YouTube videos nor do we look like “Gun-ho” warriors, but we will let you get shots on target to end the fight.

We teach students in the handle and use of variety of, which includes:

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Semi-Auto Rifle / carbine
  • Bolt action rifles

ATT - Firearm Training

The courses range from the very basic to ensure the student understand the fundamentals of marksmanship to more advanced courses where we include more dimensions like shooting from cover, communication when working in teams, etc.

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