The Edge Shooting Institute Video Gallery

TESI has a proud record of training excellence through hard work by the best instructors to make sure you get the best possible firearm and tactical training possible.

Below in the gallery you can see a combination of hard work through training and drills but also some relaxed discussion over some coffee and rusks.

It is not only about training, but also some discussions how to handle specific scenarios in any given situation.

You can also see that we practice and discuss self-defense situations, we spend some good time on unarmed combat and how to apply yourself in some dangerous situations, how to handle close quarter combat and what to be on the lookout for, how to do house clearing and the rules involved with it, and we also teach woman how to defend themselves in dangerous or uncertain circumstances.

Tactical Action - July 2019

Shooting from inside a chopper with a weapon that does not have a brass-catcher. Advanced tactical training

Advanced tactical training using a helicopter for trooping etc.

Advanced tactical training using a helicopter for trooping etc.

360o view of the Drakensberg on top of Cathedral Peak (3005 m)

Tactical Action - 2018

South African Special Task Force

The techniques and skills we teach are all about Leo Prinsloo’s training and experience in the Task Force.

The videos provide typical examples of the work done by the Task Force Unit.