The Edge Shooting Institute

The Edge Shooting Institute Holidays is the easy part. There are various holiday options available to enjoy the scenery and hospitality of South Africa.

Here at “The Edge” we have identified four adventure holiday options, which is available to our clients.

As with everything we teach, please bear in mind that there are more options than those mentioned on this page.Lion

South Africa is a world in one country. Contact us if you have any other ideas or want to see anything specific in our country.

List of training courses

Sodwana is rated as one of the prime diving spots in the world.

Here you will experience a world like no other getting so close to various sea creatures you can almost touch them.

Being on holiday at Sodwana, ensures you experience the ultimate diving experience.

We believe this holiday experience is a must!

You will hike up the “DRAAK” , be fully self sufficient and carry everything you want / need with you to experience the view in this picture.

Very few people experience this. There are so many routes, but the nice thing of the Drakensberg is that you make your own route, totally wild.

This picture was taken at an altitude of roughly 3000 m .

Hluhluwe Game Reserve.

South Africa is renowned for its wildlife holidays.

At the Hluhluwe game reserve you will have the option of game drives or hiking through the bush viewing all the various animals and wildlife.

Yes, you might see the big five, but remember that a game drive is like the lottery, you never know what you are going to get.

When in season, we can arrange a hunting trip where individuals can shoot an animal and live the hunting experience.

We believe that there is a high ethic involved in hunting, which means you only shoot when you are proficient and eat what you shoot. You walk and stalk your prey etc. 

We have an ethical approach to hunting, simply: We eat what we shoot and you have to work for your kill. We hunt, we don’t slaughter.