Self Defence

If you are reading this page it means that you have made an enormous decision regarding your personal safety and the safety of the ones you love. One of the decisions is that an attack is very likely.

This can be described that you don’t fall into the trap that, “It only happens to other people”. 

In the South African contest we say that you made the decision to know the difference in saying the following: “WHEN it happens, this will be my response”
as appose to saying: ”IF this happens, this will be my response”

The second decision that you made is to realise that in that 30 seconds of the attack it will only be up to you the defend yourself.

Know this: it is up to you, not the police or NGO of some other community initiative.

This is where “The EDGE Shooting Institute” comes in!!!

We will teach you how to defend yourself during that incident, regardless of the weapons of your disposal, regardless of your adversaries. In South Africa we are lucky in the sense that the law allows us to carry firearms and to use the firearms in the event the there is a situation where bodily harm can be done to yourself to the ones you love. Out course will teach to recognise that anything can be used as a weapon as long as you have the right mind-set. If we might borrow the motto of another institution: “One mind, any weapon”. We will teach you to defend yourself with what is available.


What does this mean?

  • If you have a firearm we will teach you how to be fast and effective with your firearm to position your shots on target in a highly stressful situation
  • If we have access to a knife we will teach you how to handle the knife to cause the maximum damage to your enemy, while protecting yourself
  • If you have access to a bludgeon weapon we will teach you how to use that weapon (from stick to clothing iron) to defeat your enemy
  • If you have nothing except your own hand we will teach how to use tour hands to defeat your enemy. Our unarmed combat courses are really simple in the sense that you don’t have to train for years to apply the techniques

For the women reading this, we have a course called D-WAR, which means “Declare War Against Rape”. This is a problem especially in Europe but after attending the course you can say with confidence: ”WRONG GIRL”

In South Africa we see a lot of people who only exist but do not LIVE as they are too scared to venture outside because of the crime etc. Contact us and we will teach you to have the self-confidence to live your life without being scared of what might happen to you.

Are there guarantees?

No, there are no guarantees, but having the knowledge and self-confidence to know you can handle any situation will ensure that you live life to the fullest!!

Have a look at the module list on the training page and contact us if you want to stop being scared in life!!